the first humans going to Mars were probably already born

Space Technology
10 August 2020

DEBRIS BUG: My space debris clean-up beetle!

To be able to live in space, there’s one important thing that people tend to overlook - the problem of space debris...
Space Mysteries
13 July 2020

What’s out there?

Science comes in a kaleidoscope of different shapes and forms and we at InnovaSpace believe it is never too early to encourage young people to think not only about the…
Travel To Mars
12 May 2020

From Mars to Airplanes – Learning can be fun!

Hi, my name is Edgard, I'm 12 years old and at the age of 9 years I participated for the first time in the InnovaSpace project "Kids2Mars", asking the question…
Living on Mars
12 May 2020

Defying gravity…

Hello, my name is Helena. In my free time, I enjoy practicing aerial silks. Now, you might ask, “why would you consider this defying gravity?” Well, gravity is almost always…

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