the first humans going to Mars were probably already born

27 November 2021

Comic Books to Inspire!

InnovaSpace congratulates the hard work and dedication of Space System Engineer Marco Romero and Daniela Barbosa and their team of helpers, who dedicate their own time and resources to promoting science &…
7 January 2021

The Lunar Surface Exploration Project

My name is Arav, I’m 7 years old from Malaysia and I am from the Indian Malaysian community, which has taught me a lot of things. Unfortunately, in my country…
Space Stories
9 November 2020

St Bede’s in 2064 A.D.

This story was written by Prof. Ganapathy when a 13-year-old student (Std. IX – B) in 1964 in India It was on the 2nd of January 2064 A.D. that my father,…
27 September 2020

Constellations, an invitation to study and research!

​To me, constellations are like an invitation to study and research: not only are they beautiful to watch, but they have an awesome scientific and historical aspect. The word itself,…
Space Technology
1 September 2020

DEBRIS BUG: My space debris clean-up beetle!

To be able to live in space, there’s one important thing that people tend to overlook - the problem of space debris...
31 August 2020

When STEM helps us reach for the stars…

Hello, my name is Stephanie Lichi. Since I was very young, I was fascinated by multiple elements that later on I found out are part of astronomy: stars, the globe…

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