The Lunar Surface Exploration Project

My name is Arav, I’m 7 years old from Malaysia and I am from the Indian Malaysian community, which has taught me a lot of things. Unfortunately, in my country…
Space Stories

St Bede’s in 2064 A.D.

This story was written by Prof. Ganapathy when a 13-year-old student (Std. IX – B) in 1964 in India It was on the 2nd of January 2064 A.D. that my father,…

Constellations, an invitation to study and research!

​To me, constellations are like an invitation to study and research: not only are they beautiful to watch, but they have an awesome scientific and historical aspect. The word itself,…
Space Technology
DEBRIS BUG: My space debris clean-up beetle!
When STEM helps us reach for the stars…
Space Mysteries
What’s out there?
Travel To Mars
From Mars to Airplanes – Learning can be fun!
Defying gravity…